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Ordering a Birth Kit:

For those delivering at home, you will need a birth kit! Click here to follow the link and have it ordered to your home. 

Supplies List:

Click here for a list of additional supplies your midwife will need for your birth. Almost all supplies should be everyday items in your household already, no need to buy new ones!


Recommendations made by other families for the following services:


  • Kayla Tschumper (763)-300-8365

  • Danica Buss (507)-828-2649

  • KatieAnn McKee (507)-990-9892

  • Karrie Green

Birth Photographers:

  • Kylie Engelby   Contact via Facebook


  • New Kingdom Healthcare   (952)-999-0333 

  • Scott Pauley   (Baldwin Family Medicine) 


  • Rochester Chiropractic and Wellness   (507)-424-0655

  • Wholistic Family  (507)-405-4257

Lactation Consultant:

  • BeLoved   (

Tongue-tie Reversal:

  • Matthew Merfeld   (507)-701-1127

  • Dr. Scott Funke    (507)-289-8707

Holistic Nutrition Consultant 

  • Hannah Ewing   (507)-990-0934

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow water birth?

Yes of course! We see the value in laboring and birthing in the water and are trained to help you experience water birth if you desire that. We also have inflatable tubs available for use, no rental fee required. 

I've been seeing another provider, can I transfer my care to you?

Yes of course! Transferring care from your previous provider to Wonderfully Made Midwifery is as simple as a signature. Schedule your first appointment with Wonderfully Made Midwifery today!

Is homebirth safe?

According to a study done by the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, low-risk women having planned home births have lower rates of interventions without an increase in adverse outcomes for both mother and baby. Some studies would argue that home births for low-risk women are actually safer than delivering in a hospital due to high intervention rates within the hospital settings. Interventions include the use of Pitocin during labor, epidurals, episiotomies, catheterizations, and others. For more information, visit the Home Birth Page. 

Are medications 

available ?

The midwives with Wonderfully Made Midwifery carry emergency medications and equipment such as IVs and oxygen. We do not offer epidurals or pharmaceutical pain relief.

Do you provide labs and ultrasounds?

We have the ability to provide all routine laboratory tests recommended for low risk pregnancies and the postpartum period. 

For ultrasounds, we have connections to local imaging departments we refer out to. After the imaging departments receive our referrals, they contact you directly to schedule your ultrasound

Do you accept clients close to their due dates?

Yes we do! We would love to meet with you and discuss how the transfer process works from your previous provider to Wonderfully Made Midwifery. Schedule your first appointment with Wonderfully Made Midwifery today! 

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