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Fees and Insurance 



Self Pay: Families who do not have medical insurance or choose not to use their medical insurance are able to use the self-pay option for their midwifery services. A 5% discount is available for families who are able to pay the full amount at the initial prenatal appointment. Payment plans are also available. 

Insurance: Wonderfully Made Midwifery bills insurance as an Out-of-Network provider, thus your Midwifery Care Fee is subject to the limitations of your specific insurance plan.  


Because insurance may cover 0% - 100% of the Midwifery Care Fee, Wonderfully Midwifery reserves the right to charge the full fee amount, without discount, and collect as much as the insurance company will pay, even if that payment/reimbursement is greater than $5,000.  


When insurance pays only a portion of the Midwifery Care Fee, the client is responsible for paying the remainder of the fee to Wonderfully Made Midwifery plus any deductible. 

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