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Prenatal Care

Experience personal, relationship-based, individualized care during your prenatal appointments, where we will evaluate you and your baby's physical and emotional health. Your visits will include:

  • No-wait, 60-90 minute long visits. We meet monthly during your first and second trimesters, and then every two weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy. After 36 weeks, we will visit weekly until your baby is born. 

  • Informed choice discussions regarding testing, screening, and decisions about your care. 

  • Optional labs and genetic screening

  • Referrals for ultrasounds, consultations and community resources as needed 

  • 24/7 phone access to a midwife for concerns or emergencies 

  • Continued assessment that your pregnancy remains in a low-risk category to ensure the safety of an out-of-hospital 

  • Family and friends are welcome during your visits to help promote trust between your midwives and those important to you during pregnancy and the birth of your baby

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